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Welcome to the world of Shealing

Shealing Kids
“Foundation for the next generation”

“Children, teachers, parents and community are interactive and work together. SHEALING KIDS focuses on each child in relation to others and seeks to activate and support children's reciprocal relationships with other children, family, teachers, society, and the environment.” In a nutshell, our approach articulates children to acquire skills of critical thinking and collaboration, in a specially designed educational park.

SHEALING KIDS assimilates the concepts of Reggio Emilia, NAPE, Montessori, Educational Naturalism,… and tries to mould the future citizens of the world by strengthening their inborn persona and stance in the most appropriate environment where positive energy upholds the style.

Childcare programmes such as kids schools bring forth one of the most lucrative and safe investment opportunities. Owning and operating a play school doesn't require Any technical qualification or past experience is not a pre-requisite for developing a Shealing Kids School. All what you need is a broad outlook on child care and education and time to spare with the community.

In fact, Shealing Kids is all about teaching young children to reach their world where they always love to be. Neither does it involve investing huge sums of money nor has it extended break-even periods.


Holiday Notice

Dear Parents/Students,

24 Feb, 2017 will be Holiday due to Maha Shivratri.


Notice Board

I would like to inform you that from 03rd Feb, 2017 new school time is 10:00am to 1:30pm.


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